MIXTAPE: “Girl Power Breakup Powerup!”


Duration: 42:32

The public existence of this mixtape owes to my getting back in touch with a dear friend from art-school days after several years of, I suppose, geographical distance and a consciousness on my part to get away from all things “art world” for a while.

At one point we discussed what we do post-breakup. Easy: I drown myself in music. He agreed. But what kind of music? Again for me the answer was easy: girl power! super empowering! songs that make me feel good!! So 90% of this particular set I already had on hand and compiled, but rounded out ultimately with an ear toward, if not public listening then, at least, for my friends.

It quickly became obvious that while girl-power-mad-empowering songs carry the mix and give it its strength and courage, it’s the songs that aren’t even the least bit mad or angry, songs of being, loving, and not-loving, that give it heart.

This mix was for me and now for my friend David. This mix is for you if you love being a girl and/or loving one. Most of all, this is for kids who don’t believe in dating — only love and devotion ♥





At-a-glance: lots of badass ladies, with many a good men contributing their vital presence.

00/ Artist – Song

01/ Chin Chin – Stop! Your Crying

02/ The Vaselines – You Think You’re a Man

03/ Wax Idols – All Too Human

04/ The Primitives – Crash

05/ Hunx & His Punx – Too Young To Be In Love

06/ Belle and Sebastian – Family Tree

07/ Crystal Castles – Not In Love (ft. Robert Smith of The Cure)

08/ The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Say No To Love

09/ Jens Lekman – I’m Leaving You Because I Don’t Love You

10/ Jens Lekman – She Just Don’t Want To Be With You Anymore

11/ MOURN – Jack

12/ Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business

File under: punk, post-punk, garage, new wave, rock, electronic, twee, indiepop, pop, noise pop, indie, gay punk, glam, goth, dance, scottish, english, san francisco, oakland, swiss, swedish, spanish american, nyc, canadian, 80s, 90s, 00s


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