big feelings cover art

Duration: 56:16

I once walked into the Davis Public Library where my bookish teen years were largely spent, saw a bright orange blur on the “Staff Picks” shelf, and picked up Listen To This (2010) by Alex Ross. I rarely read music criticism. What little time is there I prefer to use up listening to music instead (since when I listen to music, I listen to music; multi-tasking has never been discovered in my listen-verse). So I’m not sure why my hands went for a book on music, especially one by a bigshot bourgeois New Yorker music critic, the last source I’d ever go to for exciting new music. Maybe it was a lapse in judgment. It was probably that shade of orange, somehow attractive that particular summer, by which time I’d nominally become an adult/-dash-/graduate student on break. In any case, I read through most of it and liked most of it, mainly because few people today seem seriously invested in consuming—or making—both classical music (experimental/contemporary & canonical) and pop music (alt/avant-garde & mainstream). Ross essentially collapses the distinction between the two by arguing that impasse has never existed.

I’m in agreement, as I frequently like to say The only thing i listen to is POP MUSIC (which means for me any music that’s catchy and fun. And what’s catchy and fun to me is usually not Top 40 commercial radio stuff most people think of when I say POP MUSIC. Most Top 40 tracks are boring as hell). Since I am classically trained and do listen to classical music, now I can say “I only listen to POP MUSIC” with immunity!

The above intro has been misleading, since no classical tracks appear on this POP MUSIC mix. Though, it is true, many of these musicians come from years of rigorous classical training (orchestral, opera, ballet) and had also immersed themselves in an underground punk scene before breaking off to (alt) POP stardom.

Commissioned on request from friends ((Lisa & Lewis)) by the two-word prompt, “big feelings,” which would characterize my condition of living. Self-explanatory. This mix is for you if you wanna feel big or don’t feel at all ♥




At-a-glance: big huge gigantic… emotions! pop dance all-female bc girls feel big time

Disclaimer: this is the most “commercial” mix i’ve made mostly bc im not well-versed in genres not punk/twee… apologies for inability to showcase lesser-heard artists no doubt out there making killer BIG POP SIZE LXL

original album art by moi

00/ Artist – Song

01/ Rihanna – Diamonds

02/ Wax Idols – Deborah

03/ Björk – Bachelorette

04/ Zola Jesus – Dangerous Days

05/ Javiera Mena – Otra Era

06/ Robyn – Dancing On My Own

07/ Kelela – Bank Head (Prod. Kingdom) – Extended

08/ Grimes – Go ft. Blood Diamonds

09/ FKA twigs – Two Weeks

10/ M.I.A. – Bad Girls

11/ Willow – Why Don’t You Cry

12/ Geneva Jacuzzi – Do I Sad?

13/ Björk – Joga

14/ Mariah Carey – Emotions

File under: pop, girl, female, avant-garde pop, alt pop, r&b, alt r&b, hip-hop, dance, rap, funk, soul, smooth jam, bubblegum, motown homage, british, african diaspora, asian diaspora, nordic, icelandic, swedish, canadian, caribbean, chilean, wisconsin, puget sound, oakland, los angeles, 2k15, 00s, 90s


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